Warehouse and Inventory Clerk/Parts Runner

Downingtown, PA posted on January 24

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The Role:  Warehouse/Inventory Clerk/Parts Runner 

The inventory clerk and parts runner must maintain and account for all levels of inventory — warehouse, truck stock, delivery truck. They must project how inventory should turn and track how often it does turn. They need to know and understand which items your service technicians will use daily and which may sit on the shelves for months or even years.

These personnel must also take regular, physical inventories of items in the warehouse and trucks. They should verify orders and put new parts into stock, as well as putting parts returns back into stock and following through with warranty returns. If returning stock to vendors, the warehouse personnel should work with purchasing. They should also make sure that shop inventory is secure at all times.

This role is responsible for running parts and assisting in moving heavy items in addition to scrapping and recycling used material. 

Primary Responsibilities: 

  • Puts deliveries away after checking them in
  • Maintains inventory, tools, and equipment
  • Keeps all tools and equipment stored in their proper locations to verify availability and allow for easy retrieval
  • Ensures all materials are properly stored
  • Arranges all pieces of pipe by size and type
  • Sweep warehouse floors and truck loading areas
  • Picks up debris and dust and place in trash; shakes/cleans mats, etc.
  • During winter/wet months, mops, squeegees, and vacuums
  • During winter months, preps trucks and drive/walk ways
  • Returns cleaning tools to their places
  • Recycles proper containers in a timely manner
  • Picks up blowing debris and papers outside area
  • Keeps technicians moving as efficient as possible
  • Respectful of others' time and energy
  • Organized and strategic: plans ahead
  • Follows procedures and policies
  • Helpful — offers assistance and means for improvement
  • Personable
  • Works well under stress
  • Careful — towards others' safety 

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