Vice President of Concrete Manufacturing Division

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  • Vice President of Concrete Manufacturing Division


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    The Vice President of Concrete Manufacturing Division is responsible for oversight and management of all concrete manufacturing divisions from sales and estimating through project close-out and final payment.  These divisions include:  Precast, Ready Mix and Concrete Services.  This includes responsibility for sales, estimating, pricing, design, operations (safety, quality control, planning, production and schedule), administration, documentation, personnel and financial profitability.  The VP of Concrete Manufacturing Division will accomplish this by working with all managers in a team approach in order to deploy the best resources to the tasks at hand for the company as a whole to be as successful as possible.  In addition, the VP of Concrete Manufacturing will be responsible to be an active participant in the sales process.

    Job Duties:

    Sales, Estimating and Pricing

    ·         Promote company through involvement in community activities and business related networking.

    ·         Participate in marketing meetings.

    ·         Pursue all potential sales leads through business contacts, bid services, local advertising, construction journals, website, etc.

    ·         Follow up with customers as necessary to cultivate leads.

    ·         Review scope with estimator and follow project through internal estimating process.

    ·         Review and approve all estimates, establish final pricing.

    ·         Oversee the submission of all bids.

    ·         Review or have reviewed all contracts.  Execute contracts when deemed fit to execute.


    ·         Oversee and manage the design and engineering process.

    ·         Review project scope, budget and technical requirements with design team.

    Operations (Safety, Quality Control, Planning, Production and Schedule)

    ·         Oversee the management team: Precast Operations Manager, Ready Mix Manager, Concrete Services Manager and the Engineering Manager.

    ·         Review monthly and annual financial statements and job cost reports with management team.

    ·         Respond to questions and issues as they arise daily to keep projects moving forward.

    ·         Make periodic jobsite visits to look for issues and problems related to things such as safety, quality control, productivity, schedule and material and subcontractor planning. 

    ·         Assist team with schedule, constructability and productivity issues.

    ·         Conduct weekly staff coordination meetings for Precast division.

    Daily hands on management of the Precast division including:

    ·         Direct Sales for Precast division.

    ·         Coordinate sales, engineering, production, quality control, yard operations, shipping, PM staff and field operations.

    ·         Direct supervision of Precast PM and General Erection Superintendent.

    Administration and Documentation

    ·         Oversee billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable and administrative functions.

    ·         Oversee proper documentation of projects in order to minimize risk and maximize potential for profit through back charging for customer caused delays and damages.


    ·         Work with the Human Resources department for employee reviews of subordinate staff and production/field personnel on employee evaluations, recommendations for raises, disciplinary actions, hiring and dismissals.

    Financial Profitability

    ·         Review monthly and annual financial statements and reports.

    ·         Provide information for CFO’s preparation of annual budgets.

    ·         Review all monthly and final job cost reports.

    ·         Maintain overall cost control and profitability.

    Employment Standards:

    ·         Bachelor's degree in a management or construction related field or 10 years of similar management responsibility.  

    ·         Minimum of 10 years of relevant management experience in project management, sales or business management.

    ·         Must be technically proficient in all aspects of concrete manufacturing including mix designs, connection details, structural details, erection, reading and understanding financial statements, and risk management including contract reviews.

    ·         Must have working knowledge of equipment capabilities and maintenance requirements.

    ·         Proficient with a computer with working knowledge of Excel or similar spreadsheet application, Word, and Outlook.

    ·         Proficient in providing cost effective field problem solving skills.

    ·         Proficient in safety regulations and quality control related items.

    ·         The ability to speak effectively in front of groups of management officials, employees or customers, to present information and respond to questions in a clear and effective manner.

    ·         The ability to manage employees, resolve conflicts, promote team building and be a team leader.

    ·         The ability to learn, organize and prioritize work, delegate tasks as deemed necessary, handle multiple tasks, work independently, recognize issues and solve problems.

    ·         The ability to maintain confidentiality and adhere to policy and procedure.

    ·         The ability to speak fluent English and the ability to read and write English.

    ·         The ability to predictably and regularly attend work and to be punctual.

    ·         The ability to read and understand documents, drawings and follow instructions (whether presented in written, oral, diagram or schedule form).

    ·         The ability to work with mathematical concepts and to apply concepts to practical situations.

    ·         The ability to communicate well both verbally and in writing.

    ·         The ability to work cooperatively with others.

    ·         The ability to deal politely and professionally with customers and/or co-workers and respond to customer's needs.

    ·         Must have sufficient visual acuity and clear speech to perform the essential functions of the job effectively.

    ·         The ability to use hands and fingers and have manual dexterity.

    ·         The ability to stand/bend/stretch/reach/kneel/crawl, etc.

    ·         The ability to travel out of town for training.

    ·         The ability to travel between the office and jobsites in a timely and effective manner. 

    ·         Must have a valid driver's license and a good driving record.


    The VP of Concrete Manufacturing Division reports to the President and is directly responsible for supervising professional as well as non-professional and field staff.  Will be expected to maintain current knowledge of concrete manufacturing as well as construction techniques and procedures.  Will be expected to be proficient in reviewing production facilities as well as project sites for safety and quality control related items.   Will be expected to be able to review the work being conducted and determine it is being completed in the most productive and cost effective manner.  Will be expected to have a sound knowledge of financial matters and be capable of reading and understanding financial statements.  Will be expected to use sound judgment, diplomacy, discretion, self-drive and honesty in carrying out the functions of the job. 

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