Strategic Sales Planner

Downingtown, PA posted on March 23

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Position Objective:

Effectively manage the Call Center to achieve goals within the parameters set forth by the Company and the Company Code of Ethics.   Other responsibility will be added with a proven track record in exceeding goals.

Primary Responsibilities:

Start and end the day on time with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE


Maximize Technician Opportunity:  Strategically maximize call volume and opportunity. 


  • Skillfully book inbound calls, successfully closing outbound calls with personally developed systematic campaigns, and maximizing the proposal and follow-up processes by understanding the seasonality of the industries and scheduling accordingly.
  • Ensure Plumbing Technicians are in 3 homes a day.
  • Ensure HVAC Technicians are in 4-5 homes a day.

Develop, execute, and manage the proposal and follow up processes:


  • Generate an inbound and outbound call schedule to boost sales.
  • Get potential customers excited about Mattioni Plumbing Heating and Cooling and encourage them to generate leads via word of mouth marketing.
  • Become a market and industry expert, know the customer needs and the products and offerings to best engage them.
  • Know and understand the importance of follow up with customers.
  • Keep proposals/follow-up leads active by enticing customer interest and response.
  • Conduct follow-up phone calls to cross-market products and services and ensure all customer needs were met by the technicians.
  • Follow up with all missed opportunities from unconverted calls.
  • Be available by cell phone as a point of contact for customer questions on products and services.
  • Know how to price jobs and write proposals.
  • Standardize and manage the processes that lead to maximizing the results produced by the call, dispatch, and proposal/follow-up functions of the call center including filling in for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) and Dispatchers to achieve goals and/or as needed.



Manage and support the Call Center:

  • Liaison between the Call Center and General Managers. General Managers are looking to this position to lead the Call Center in Company initiatives.
    • Know the roles of the CSRs and Dispatchers and be able to lead them by example in their roles as well as fill in when needed during vacation, lunch, and peak periods.
    • Begin each day with a daily huddle to inform and motivate team members in the Call Center towards their collective goal and update them on progress.
    • Track, coach, and train staff on how to convert inbound and outbound calls into booked service appointments.
    • Follow up on unconverted inbound phone calls to reclaim missed opportunity
  • Work with the Dispatchers to ensure the right technicians are matched to every job by technical and sales ability.
    • Author and refine call scripts so they’re clear, compelling and result in more appointments to gain referrals.
    • Conduct call center training to boost booked calls and ensure quick, accurate dispatch of incoming calls.
    • Monitor call center performance, review recorded calls and advise them on how to promote sales.
    • Encourage the company’s policy of resolving customer complaints quickly and favorably.
    • Formalize a coaching and training platform that’s cost effective and measurable.
    • Show employees how their individual contributions matter to the Company’s success.
    • Assist management in recruiting, hiring, and training CSRs and Dispatchers to meet your goals.
    • Coach employees on how to build trust and demonstrate empathy with customers.
    • Regularly present reports to senior leaders in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Required work hours:
  • Day 0-30: Training and Demonstration: 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday thru Friday with 1 hour lunch break.
  • After day 30: 9:30am to 7:30pm Tuesday through Saturday. Weekend Sunday-Monday  
  • Extra hours if necessary to reach goals
  • Extended hours during peak season (early summer/early winter)
  • Night and weekend hours will consist of being available by phone to manage leads
  • Use your team to put out fires. You must have the self-discipline to remove yourself from the day to day task to reach company goals. Lead and manage your team. Don’t get sucked in and lose focus of your goals. This is a results based role.


This is a growing position in a growing company. Your responsibilities will change. We all must do what it takes to get the job done.


To be successful you must be:

  • Eager to take complete ownership and accountability for this job description and the position
  • Determined yet positive, optimistic, and respectful.
  • Excited to achieve and exceed goals.
  • Outgoing to blend well with a fast-paced, goal-driven environment.
  • Self-motivated and disciplined to get the desired results.
  • Available to assist team as necessary nights and weekends on an as needed basis.
  • Able to inspire and lead others to attain company goals.
  • Proven with a track record in customer service, ideally in management with minimum two years’ experience in telephone sales, marketing, or dispatch.
  • Patient as a diplomatic leader who understands how to diffuse conflict with empathy.
  • IT competent with previous experience with Microsoft Office and the latest software applications.
  • Highly organized with exceptional follow-through abilities.
  • Competent to recommend sufficient staffing to match business demand and seasonal spikes.
  • Strong in verbal and written communications.
  • Comfortable presenting ideas and speaking in public.
  • Passionate about The Company to promote the brand.
  • MBA/Graduate Degree preferred, Bachelor’s Degree or higher required.
  • Eager to learn and implement improvements after onsite and offsite training.
  • Live within 45 minutes of our location.