Skilled Measurement Technician

Philadelphia, PA posted on October 7

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lacie carr Jacksonville, FL (32225)
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  • Responsible, in cooperation with other team members or independently, for alignments and final status of production built sections and grand blocks.
  • Able to interpret engineering drawings and technical documents.
  • Maintain quality standards and meet scheduled completion times.
  • Record and submit measurements timely and correctly.
  • Daily feedback of task progress and quality results.
  • Responsible for readiness of all equipment required by the measurement ream (calibration, records,etc.)
  • Cooperation with preparation teams of new projects upon request.
  • Work with team member and independently to complete task.
  • Safety in all actions and tasking preventing injury to self and others.

If interested, please email your resume to or fax to 904-798-1720 Attn. Tony


  • Skilled in the utilization of advanced measuring equipment/ tools Net2B/ 1200, Archer, Lap Top, etc. (transits, optical levels, etc.)
  • Knowledge of steel structures and measurement.
  • Able to work at heights and in inclement weather.
  • Able to carry instruments and equipment to job site.
  • Ability to learn and process the information flow according to defined rules.
  • Ability to learn and make reports of final product.
  • Ability to create and evaluate GLM 3DIM program and create reports of completed products.
  • Ability to TRAIN less experienced Team members in all the above areas.


Compensation: Based on Experience