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The Role

We’re looking for an exceptional service manager to lead our team of amazing technicians.

As a service manager, you will work with a dynamic, rapidly growing team to maximize capacity, efficiency and profitability. You will manage staff and exceed customer expectations by accomplishing the highest quality service calls, every time.

You will match the right technician to every job, to achieve the highest customer satisfaction and the company’s financial goals.

The position will be based in Skippack, Pa. 



  • Train, Coach, and manage to drive profitable results. 
  • Establishing Accountability for revenue targets, and customer satisfaction results
  • Work with technicians on how to establish customer rapport to sell the right products and services.
  • Work alongside customer service and dispatch to ensure overall success of the business.
  • Monitor performance of field technicians and advise them on how to improve.
  • Manage team schedule to meet ongoing customer demand and seasonal spikes.
  • Assist with recruiting and hiring amazing co-workers
  • Make sure incentive programs are equitable and properly documented.
  • Review and approve invoices, time cards, option sheets.
  • Assist in obtaining technical answers for field experts when there are questions


  • Proven track record in service, with 5 years in management.
  • Ability to inspire and lead others to exceed company goals.
  • Good presentation skills; being able to draw clarity
  • Enjoy working in the field with diverse teams on varied projects.
  • Detail oriented and highly organized with exceptional follow-through abilities.
  • Top performer who can instill pride of workmanship in self and others.
  • High integrity with advanced social skills and ability to make solid connections.
  • Strong desires to motivate technicians to be better tomorrow than they are today.
  • IT competent, previous experience with Microsoft Office and the latest sales applications.
  • Outgoing personality that blends well with a fast-paced, goal-driven environment.
  • Technical aptitude with knowledge of local codes and ability to make on-the-job applications a plus.
  • Highly motivated, self-starter who’s flexible and has a great attitude on life.
  • able to live by our core purpose and core values of:

    Core Purpose

    Serving our clients and staff by improving the health, safety and comfort





    Core Values




    Delivering Wow Service

    Prove that You Go Above and Beyond


    Creating smiles is our mission. Wow service only starts at the smile we generate on the initial phone call. It also entails doing the little extras that are not expected. By exceeding a customer’s expectations, it shows how we are different and better. From the late hours call to the early morning start, we won’t sacrifice quality, and with a great attitude we brighten people’s day. This is what separates us from the competition.









    Genuine Integrity

    Building Relationships that Go Beyond the Job


    We believe that our customers deserve honesty, integrity and trustworthy service. This does not mean taking the easiest and quickest way out, however it does mean doing what is right even if it takes longer. We will be there for each client to help them make the right choice for them and their family. What this means is, earning each other’s and our customer’s trust. Each service call is a chance to build trust with our clients, which is why we work hard to accomplish results that earn their approval. We perform the same work, whether someone is watching over our shoulder or not.


    Safety or Your Family and Ours

    Think Before you act


    Our clients and our team, are our greatest assets. Value them as such. As with all assets, we need to be diligent in protecting them, and reduce the risks they face. Wherever you may be, look before you act, and eliminate potential dangers.


    Options, Not Ultimatums

    Premier Service Starts with Choice


    Most companies go to a house, and provide one solution to fix only what’s broken and put blinders on, so they don’t see anything else. This is like having a problem with a spark plug in your car, and only offering to replace one, when they are all just as old and just as worn. We provide solutions ranging from (temporary), just the broken plug, all the way up to replacing all the sparkplugs ( a more permanent solution) while there, with options in between. We don’t withhold the information and allow you to choose how permanent you want your repair to be.


    Great Place to Work

    Working together as a Family


    As a team, we only win when we work together. We are only as strong as our weakest link. Like running a relay race, we all have a baton to carry. We all affect the outcome. When we show up, and run the hardest we can, we build trust in each other and provide inspiration to those who need it. Caring about each other as a family.



Salary $45k+ based upon experience plus bonus




Paid Birthdays, plus much more.............


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