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Miller Brother Staffing is looking for a Furnace Tender / Foundryman for a company based in the Harmony Pa Area. Pay starts around $20.00 per hour with a possible jump to over $25 within 1st year. Must have experience in COPPER


Employee should have experience/competency in operating both induction and gas fired melting furnaces and the melting, deoxidizing and pouring of non ferrous metals. 

 Primary Function:

Load and operate electric and gas fired melting furnace Melt, Deoxidize and Test metal prior to pouring castings. Serve as Lead Man in the Foundry.

Nature and Scope of Position:

  • Inventory, weigh and load ingot and returns into furnaces
  • Responsible for furnace melting process
  • Ensure proper metallurgical requirements of heats
  • Maintain proper heat temperatures in an efficient manner
  • Monitor the heat and perform required testing in accordance with Work Instructions
  • Inspect castings to ensure casting cleanliness and soundness
  • Perform general foundry type work such as shakeout and cleaning castings
  • Assist in the setup and core making process of castings
  • Perform analysis on failed castings and offer solutions for successful pouring going forward
  • Successfully pour quality castings related to existing products
  • Successfully pour new products and contribute to R&D efforts
  • Understand how to eliminate casting porosity and eliminate casting defects
  • Advise on proper gating, draft and venting
  • Inventory and track copper, ingot and returns