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Come Work with us, and have fun.

Work with a team, Deliver WOW service,

and do what's best for the customer!


Marshall Home Comfort is now taking confidential applications for Fuel Operations Managers who are honest, filled with integrity, and who love working with good clients in suburban neighborhoods alongside a team who is positive and has similar values. Having CDL is a plus, but not required. BEING THE RIGHT PERSON IS THE #1 PRIORITY.


Core Purpose

Serving our clients and staff by  improving the health, safety and comfort 


Core Values


1 - Outstanding Place to Work

Working together as a Family 

As a team, we only win when we work together. We are only as strong as our weakest link. Like running a relay race, we all have a baton to carry. We all affect the outcome. When we show up, and run the hardest we can, we build trust in each other and provide inspiration to those who need it. Caring about each other as a family.


2 - Delivering Wow Service

Prove that You Go Above and Beyond

 Creating smiles is our mission. Wow service only starts at the smile we generate on the initial phone call. It also entails doing the little extras that are not expected. By exceeding a customer’s expectations, it shows how we are different and better. From the late hours call to the early morning start, we won’t sacrifice quality, and with a great attitude we brighten people’s day. This is what sperates us from the competition


3 - Genuine Integrity

Building Relationships that Go Beyond the Job 

We believe that our customers deserve honesty, integrity and trustworthy service. This does not mean taking the easiest and quickest way out, however it does mean doing what is right even if it takes longer. We will be there for each client to help them make the right choice for them and their family. What this means is, earning each other’s and our customer’s trust. Each service call is a chance to build trust with our clients, which is why we work hard to accomplish results that earn their approval. We perform the same work, whether someone is watching over our shoulder or not.


4 - Pure Motive

Helping others first.

 We will serve our families, by serving our customers, knowing that the more we serve, the more we are served. The way we get ahead in life is not by hurting customers, it’s by helping them, even when we see a problem we weren’t called for. By looking for additional ways we can serve each client, we build relationships.


5 - Options, Not Ultimatums

Premier Service Starts with Choice 

Most companies go to a house, and provide one option to fix only what’s broken and put blinders on, so they don’t see anything else. This is like having a problem with a spark plug in your car, and only replacing one, when they are all just as old and just as worn. We provide solutions ranging from just what is broke today which is a temporary solution, all the way up to replacing all 8 sparkplugs ( a more permanent solution) at one time, with many options in between. We don’t withhold the information and allow you to choose how permanent you want your repair to be.



At Marshall's, we are a dedicated, growing team, that strives to put the customer first. Above all, Marshall Home Comfort believes family comes first. At Marshall Home Comfort, YOU:

  • Have Fun at what you are doing
  • Feel appreciated ( with the more than 100 hours of training per year, being part of a team who you can depend on and who depends on you, and management who greets you every day, and cares about your family) DO NOT APPLY if you do not want to share with us how your family is doing, or how your child's football game went, or your daughter's dance recital. You will not be a good fit for our team if you don't want to be aprt of our family.
  • Marshall Home Comfort is a christian company, and we strive to run our company in that way. We are not always perfect, but we have perfect intentions. We honor our customers, and our co-workers by using the GOLDEN RULE.  I am the owner, ( Glenn Dickey Jr), and I was a service technician,  before I bought the company. I know the struggles and the problems our staff faces, and I do my best to run our company in a way to help each staff member succeed.
  • At our company, YOU ARE:
    • Treated like family
    • Expected to HAVE FUN
    • Feel appreciated
    • Receive training 
    • Are paid like a professional, and the more effort you put in, the more you can make.
    • And instructed to only perform in a manner that is the best path for the customer, not profit.

If you have great communication skills, and desire to have a long, rewarding career with a company who cares about YOU, read on...  

If not, please stop reading now as this position isn't for you.



  • $40K+ depending on experience.
  • Ongoing Training
  • Vacation, paid time off, and holidays.
  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • IRA benefit program with company match

If this sounds good so far, then keep reading...


If you are detail oriented & enjoy being recognized, rewarded & APPRECIATED for your hard work, then this may be the right career move for you.


If you consider yourself a professional. If you believe in yourself & your abilities enough to take a chance. You and your family will be glad you did. Your only regret will be if you call too late or not at all. Immediate placement is available. All inquiries held in strict confidence. ACT NOW! Click the APPLY button and upload your resume.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our team!