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Broomall, PA posted on January 6

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The fabricator operates fabricating machines such as cutoff saws, shears, rolls, brakes, presses, forming machines, spinning machines and punches that cut, shape and bend metal plates, sheets, tubes and structures by performing the following duties below.

Essential Functions

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

1.Operates fabrication shop and machine shop machinery and equipment. Reads job specifications/blue prints to determine machine adjustments and material requirements. 2.Sets stops or guides to specified length as indicated by scale, rule or template. 3.Positions workpiece against stops or aligns layout marks with die or blade.

4.Pushes button or depresses pedal to activate machine.

5.Observes machine operation to detect workpiece defects or machine malfunction. 6.Measures workpiece dimensions to determine accuracy of machine operation. 7.Removes burrs, sharp edges, rust or scale from workpiece.

8.Performs minor machine maintenance such as oiling machines, dies or workpieces. 9.Sets up and performs maintenance on fab and machine shop machines and performs burning work.

10.Operates any equipment needed to perform job.

11.Familiar with a variety of metal welding and grinding / sanding techniques working to a very high degree of accuracy and finish

12.Familiar with common metal shop tools and equipment. IE: welders (tig & mig), torches, grinders, drills, taps, saws, fixtures, measuring, etc

13.Performs related duties as assigned by supervision.


1.Communication Proficiency.



4.Learning Orientation.

5.Personal Effectiveness/Credibility.

6.Problem Solving/Analysis.

7.Technical Capacity.

8.Teamwork Orientation.